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International Conference "Material - Acoustics - Place


At the Technical University in Zvolen , Slovakia is possible to study specialization "Musical Instruments" at The Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology. This specialization absents among bachelor´s specialization (the first degree of study) because the technology skils and experiences are needed. We recomend to our potencional students to choose Bachelor's- degree programmes (BSc) of "Wood Processing Technologies". After graduation bachelor´s degree is possible to continue in various Master's- degree programmes (Ing.) of "Musical instruments". The masters graduated students have possibility to study in Post - graduate degree programmes (PhD) with orientation on the area of Material - Acoustics - Place.
The centre of our research is musical instruments making, properties of wood for special purposes and architectural acoustics. You can see more about our activities on the presentation of our Department of physical and musical acoustics . Every year we are organizing the conference of "Material - Acoustic - Place, Zvolen, Slovakia " .
Our research and scientific activities are realized in cooperation with well-known Czech and Slovak musical makers as Petrof - Hradec Králové, Dick - fine tools - Povolný, bowmaker Peter Rychtárik and Vančík Violin. Also we are cooperate with Musical Acoustics Research Centrum Prague (Czech Republic).

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